World-class engineering

The Engineering Quest is a leading global supplier of precision-machined components and sub-assemblies. And we’re not just clever engineers and efficient manufacturers. We help companies design new products, and re-invent legacy products for new markets.

It’s our mission to help you develop the next breakthrough device or component in your industry.

Controlling costs

Engineering solutions aren’t solutions unless the cost is right. With 30 years’ experience in price-sensitive environments and multiple industries, we’re experts at creating new process routes and cost-reducing techniques.

Your global product development partner

Turning a brilliant idea into reality takes a brilliant engineering team. A team that understands the challenges of long-term development projects and has experience with a broad range of processes and techniques. And a team that works closely and proactively with clients and their suppliers, throughout the development and prototype stages.

The Engineering Quest works in partnership with our customers to improve the competitiveness of the overall supply chain. Our internal and external teams are set up to provide the best answer to any engineering challenge.

Key processes

  • CNC horizontal and vertical milling
  • CNC multi-axis turn/milling
  • CNC cylindrical grinding (internal and external)
  • CNC jig grinding
  • CNC wire EDM
  • CNC sink EDM
  • 52 CNC machines - 80 Machines in total

Key inspection equipment

  • 4 CNC coordinate measuring machines
  • 1 optical coordinate measuring machine
  • 1 manual coordinate measuring machine
  • 2 contour and surface analysis machines
  • 1 roundness and geometric measuring machine
The Engineering Quest operates from two sites in the South of England.
We have 112 staff, with 92 actively engaged in engineering and production.
Sq ft
Two machines shops with a combined area of 24,000 sq ft with a process cell production layout.