The Engineering Quest provides precision, quality, innovation and efficiency to a wide range of industries. We create internal and external teams to meet some of the biggest engineering challenges in global industry. Our high-precision machined components, sub assemblies and instruments have provided the key to some breakthrough projects, and we’ve responded to historic challenges.

In aerospace, we’re a major manufacturer of legacy aircraft parts, and we made a key contribution to a space-based optical telescope.

In the medical field, we’re a global supplier of micro-machined ophthalmic instruments, and we’ve helped to make life better for amputees around the world.

In the offshore industry, our expertise meets the challenge of the world’s most difficult working environments.

And our work in the electronics sector helped to make today’s internet possible.

Some industries we cover

  • Medical


  • Oil and Gas

    Oil and Gas

  • Diesel Systems

    Diesel Systems

  • Industrial


  • Aerospace and Space

    Aerospace and Space

  • Electronics


  • Automotive


  • Motorsport


Featured Projects