• Technology: New hi-tech grinding and erosion equipment was installed in late 2014 – this enhances our capability to machine Polycrystalline Diamond and Tungsten Carbide to Micron tolerances.
  • People: We now employ over 20 apprentices and are currently looking for our 2015 intake. Do contact us if you know somebody who would like an apprenticeship with one of the UK’s leading contract engineering businesses.
  • Projects: Quest in space! Last year we produced the optics support hardware for a ground breaking satellite mounted telescope system. Nine components were collaboratively designed and produced with a total alignment tolerance of 5 microns. The telescope points at earth and has a resolution of 20 x google maps so please remember to wave at the camera next time you’re washing the car!

We are proud of our unique engineering skills and we are also proud to be part of our community. We are currently sponsoring the Arabian School of Gymnastics and we are always looking for budding talent. Do let us know if you have a good sponsorship idea and we will happily consider it. We are currently giving out £200 donations and we are hoping to find 10 worthy causes this year.

We are also delighted to announce the recent appointment of Daryl Holtham to the position of Sales and Estimating Manager. Please contact him today to book your free DFM assessment service on 01908 362801 <a href=”mailto:daryl.h@join-the-quest.co.uk”>daryl.h@join-the-quest.co.uk</a>

Thank you for being part of our Quest!

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