We were featured in the July 2020 issue of Engineering Capacity. Managing Director Steve Matheron talks about The Engineering Quest, our history, our capacity and what the future holds.

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Based on two sites in Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire, The Engineering Quest sets itself apart from the mainstream volume subcontracting sector. From components for space telescopes to miniature ophthalmic instruments, it specialises in the development and manufacture of components that are hard to find, hard to design and hard to make.

Managing Director Steve Matheron

When you look at our portfolio you can see that we make lots of incredibly complex parts. Our core competencies encompass producing tightly toleranced items – working at micron and sub-micron machining levels – in some of the most difficult materials there are – including polycrystalline diamond, tungsten carbide and superalloys.

We can do miniature and micro-machining, and we can do complexity – some of the parts we make have over 1,000 dimensions.

We say that If you show us a job that nobody can make for you, we will make it.

Steve Matheron, Managing Director

July 2020 issue of Engineering Capacity (238KB)

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