Leadership and management are critical components for any successful business, particularly in the precision engineering industry. As Directors, it is crucial to our business to ensure that our team is equipped with the necessary skills to manage and lead their colleagues effectively. This is where our introductory leadership and management skills programme comes into play.

The programme comprises of eight modules, each designed to enhance the skills of participants in different areas. The modules were developed in collaboration with Steve, with a focus on making them specific to the needs of the Quest organisation. Although some modules may require further development, the programme covers a range of vital topics for our precision engineering business.

TEQ Leadership and Management Skills Programme

The first module is problem-solving techniques, which teaches participants the two-step process to create a structure and time to solve problems effectively in a fast-paced environment. The second module covers coaching skills, specifically the ‘Shadowing’ technique, which is essential for developing the skills of a growing high-skill team.

The third module focuses on supervising and leading a team, covering how to set objectives, delegate tasks and effectively manage time. The fourth module explores developing training plans, how to manage and update training matrices and organise training to meet both team and individual development needs.

TEQ Cell Leaders

The fifth module covers performance review and appraisal skills, teaching how the review system can benefit the team, individual and the company as a whole. Module six teaches assertiveness techniques, providing a range of techniques to communicate effectively and persuasively from both a supervisor/manager and team worker perspective.

The seventh module covers time management skills, introducing the concepts of time management and providing participants with a basic time management tool. The eighth and final module explores meeting management, providing guidance on how to lead and contribute to daily schedule review meetings.

TEQ Leadership and Management Skills Programme

Finally, the programme concludes with a review session where participants have an opportunity to reflect on the modules, share their learnings, and ask any questions they may have.

In summary, the introductory leadership and management skills programme covers a range of critical topics that are relevant to The Engineering Quest business. By equipping our team with these skills, we can help them become effective leaders and managers, which can ultimately improve our business’s overall performance.

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