We are beyond thrilled to announce that our esteemed Director, Nicky Matheron, has reached the finals of the National Business Women’s Awards 2024 in not just one, but three prestigious categories! This phenomenal accomplishment is a testament to Nicky’s unwavering dedication, innovative spirit, and exceptional leadership. Here’s a closer look at the categories she’s been recognised in:

Business Woman of the Year (Medium-Sized Business)

Nicky’s visionary leadership has been instrumental in driving The Engineering Quest to new heights. Under her guidance, our company has not only expanded its market presence but also set new benchmarks in quality and innovation. This nomination celebrates her strategic acumen and her ability to inspire and lead a dynamic team.

Influential Business Woman of the Year

Nicky’s influence extends far beyond our company. Her commitment to empowering women in business, coupled with her active involvement in various industry forums, has made her a role model for aspiring female leaders. This nomination recognises her significant contributions to the business community and her efforts to champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

STEM Business Woman of the Year

A passionate advocate for STEM education, Nicky has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists. Her dedication to promoting STEM subjects in local schools and her involvement in community outreach programmes have earned her this well-deserved nomination. Nicky’s work is paving the way for future innovators and ensuring a robust pipeline of talent for the engineering industry.

Nicky Matheron, National Business Womens Awards 2024 Finalist
Nicky Matheron, National Business Womens Awards 2024 Finalist

Join Us in Celebrating!

Nicky’s journey to the finals in these three categories is a monumental achievement that highlights her multifaceted contributions to our industry and community. We are incredibly proud of her accomplishments and are excited to see what the future holds.

To learn more about the National Business Women’s Awards and Nicky’s incredible journey, visit the (https://eventsandpr.co.uk/national-business-womens-awards/.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating this remarkable achievement!

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